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Providing the right health management resources for your patients. Our rapidly changing world demands convenience, flexibility, and efficiency. Diverse patient demographics demand more for less. That's why healthFORWARD is providing accessible, up-to-date, unbranded information, 24/7.

healthFORWARD Oncology Health Tools
Help patients optimize their own care by engaging them with tools that may help reduce the frequency of hospital visits

  • Side Effect Management: Assist patients to manage treatment and disease related side effects.
  • Adherence: Patient counceling tools to improve treatment adherence
  • Quality of life: Suggestions that may help improve quality of life

healthFORWARD Diabetes Health Tools
Select from over 80 patient and provider companion health tools

  • Raising Awareness: Costs and risks of co-morbidities
  • Lifestyle Modification: How to help patients better self-manage
  • Coordinated Care: Why chronic conditions require effective communications
  • Health Literacy: Importance of assessing language, literacy levels and culturally relevant health tools

healthFORWARD Health Care Quality health Tools
Enhance your education efforts while keeping current with significant health initiatives:

  • Agency for Health care Research and Quality (ARHQ) is a leading government health care policy and research body, specializing in quality improvement and patient safety, and outcomes and effectiveness of care, amongst many other services.

healthFORWARD Atrial Fibrillation Health Tools
Augment your counseling efforts with helpful patient and provider tools

  • Value of Early Detection: Disease awareness and symptom–recognition
  • Importance of Early Intervention: Why this may help reduce risk of stroke, heart failure, and co-morbidities
  • Quality of life: Suggestions to help improve quality of life

Osteoarthritis Health Tools
Help optimize patient care by encouraging them to stay active, manage their weight, and to follow tips that may assist in managing their pain

  • Lifestyle: Suggestions that may help patients improve quality of life
  • Self-management: Tips to help manage osteoarthritis
  • Adherence: Tools to promote treatment adherence

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